Brass Components Product

Brass Components Product Manufacturers, Exporters,& Suppliers in Gujarat, India

Usage : Industrial
Is It Corrosion Resistant : Corrosion Resistant
Material : Brass
Surface Treatment : Chromium, Zinc, Nickel Plating
Packaging Type : Box
Material Grade : IS 319 Grade-I, IS 319 Grade-II, CZ121, CuZn39Pb3 or Any Grade as Per Customer Requirement
Finishing : As Per Customer Requirement
Surface Finishing : Polished
Brand/Make : Prime
Coating : Nickel, Chrome
Packing Type : Poly Bag
Usage/Application : Automobile, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication

Prime Industrial Components LLP is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Brass components products in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, and is a wide range of goods made from brass, which is mostly composed of copper and zinc. Brass is a common material for producing components in a variety of sectors due to its corrosion resistance, durability, and appealing golden tint. Brass components are used in industries such as plumbing, electrical, automotive, and decorative hardware. Brass components, like as valves, fittings, and connections, are widely utilized in the plumbing industry due to their corrosion resistance and ease of machining. The electrical industry uses brass to manufacture connections, terminals, and other electrical components because of its conductivity and corrosion resistance. Because of its mix of strength and flexibility, brass components are used in fuel systems, brake parts, and other correct components in automobiles.

We design, develop & deliver a variety of brass turned components for application across diverse manufacturing units. We manufacture Precision Brass Turned Components such as precision-turned parts as per client's requirements, brass anchor, electrical parts, lock parts, energy meter parts, rivets, screw nut and bolts, brass inserts for plastic molding, switch gears parts, pins, forged bolts, brass cable glands, brass neutral link, brass sanitary parts to precision and international specifications. We also manufacture pressed or stamped components.

Brass components are also commonly used in ornamental hardware and architectural applications due to their visual appeal. Handles, knobs, and decorative fittings demonstrate the alloy's capacity to give both usefulness and aesthetic value.Precision machining technologies such as CNC machining and turning are frequently used in the manufacturing of brass components to ensure exact and consistent specifications. Brass components are vital in the production of high-quality goods across a wide range of sectors due to their adaptability and desired physical qualities. Brass components are essential in the current manufacturing scene, whether they improve functioning in important applications or add refinement to design features.