Brass Neutral Link

Brass Neutral Link Expoter, Manufacturer, Supplier in Gujarat, India

Material Grade : IS 319, BS 249
Type : Simple Neutral Bar, Earth Connector Bar, Bus Bar
Application : Industrial
Material : Brass
Platting : Nickel, Chrome, Tin Plating
Current Rating : 16 / 32A, 63A, 100 AMPS
Size : 2 Way, 4 Way, 6 Way, 8 Way and up to 3 Meter
Surface Coating : Natural Brass
Usage/Application : Electrical Accessories
Brand : Prime

Brass Neutral Links or Earth Link, Bar & Terminals Blocks are very crucial components in every application of its nature.

Material Detail:

Brass Neutrals Links are available as per IS 319 or BS 249 or BS 2874: CZ 121 or any high graded brass as per custom specification. Screws are available in Brass as well as Steel material.

Sizes & Types:

Simple Neutral Bar, Earth Connector Bar, Earth Connector with Base are some of the types of Neutral Links available in our standard Range. Any Size from 2 ways to 50 ways to 1 meter to 1.5 meters or as per custom requirement can be made available. Screws are available with the option of Brass or Steel material with designs from simple Cheese slotted head to Philips Head to Philips combination head with simple roll thread or special lock thread facility. Terminal Blocks are all developed exclusively as per Custom design & specification.